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We are delighted to announce that the unique pregnancy yoga teacher training, Mindful Birth Australia, founded by Dr. Jean Byrne and Michelle Papa, is coming to the Europe & the Netherlands for the first time soon! This training will be facilitated by Samantha Briatico. Join us for this training program and become a specialised Pre and Post Natal Yoga teacher. Held at the De Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam this is a life changing program for women – whether or not you are a yoga teacher. Join together with your sisters and celebrate the beauty of the feminine form and learn how to support yourself, your friends and students with yoga, mindfulness and active birth techniques as they begin the journey to motherhood. Based on Dr Byrne’s research, this program is unique and is accredited with Yoga Alliance.

About Mindful Birth

Training for Yoga Teachers & Health Professionals.

Mindful Birth is the baby of Michelle Papa and Jean Byrne PhD and one of the only Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training programs based on actual research.

Together they co founded Mindful Birth bringing together their experiences as mothers, pregnancy yoga teachers, childbirth educators and Dr Byrne’s research into mindfulness & the childbearing period.

A Global Community

Mindful Birth is global. Community is at the heart of our self-study and our service in support of women and their families. Our community of teachers are based in Australia, Asia, Middle East, America, Europe.

Each day we join together for practice, education and practical explorations of how to apply yoga throughout the journey of pregnancy yoga and birth. Days start at 8am, and finish at 6pm.


Module 1 - Prenatal teacher training =

Module 2 - Post Natal teacher training 

Modules 1 and 2 can be taken individually.

Module 3 which is Yoga for Mindful Birth (Integrating Mindfulness in Birthing and Yoga for Birth) will be presented on a different date in the future.

This training is a non-residential training. If travelling from outside the Netherlands, accommodation needs to be arranged. 



Training Cost

Pre- and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours)
Regular Price: €695 ex BTW
Early Bird Rate: €595 (prior to 1st May) ex BTW

Individual Modules

Module 1: Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Module 2: Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Regular Price: €395 ex BTW

Early Bird: €295  (prior to 1st May) ex BTW

Costs includes: Training fees, Manuals, Group lunch on our last day

This does NOT include accommodation, meals and airfare. That is to be arranged by attendees separately.