Do you want to give Yin and Yang yoga classes and are you looking for a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) registered with Yoga Alliance?  The Yoga Space offers various options, including part-time long weekend and intensive module based immersions.


Yang Yoga Module 1 - Power Yoga

This module (50 hours) is intended for anyone who would like to teach in this more intensive form of yoga, but also for starting yoga teachers to master the general principles of yoga. During this module you will discover what (power) yoga is and what it brings, how postures are put together, what the structure of yoga classes looks like and how you give safe and responsible yoga classes. You will also get started with the yoga philosophy. After successful completion of the training you will be able to give a basic yoga class with the components of grounding, sun salutations, standing and seated postures and relaxation.

Yang Yoga Module 2 - Vinyasa Yoga

This modules (50 hours) continues on the foundations laid in the Power Yoga module.  You learn options and variations on the poses that you already know and a number of new poses are offered. You learn how to teach according to the vinyasa teaching system and you get started with creating flows and creative sequences. You also learn how to physically guide participants while they are in the poses. Also we explore and your personal development are offered. In short: the Yang Yoga 2 training is the perfect follow-up to Yang Yoga 1. It is the ideal way to develop further in giving yoga classes and to immerse yourself in the yoga philosophy.

Yin Yoga Module 1 - The Physical Body

This module  (50 hours)  is based on the anatomical and philosophical theory of Yin Yoga master teacher Bernie Clarke. During this training you will discover and feel what Yin Yoga is and what it can do for you. You learn how to give Yin Yoga classes, what the correct structure of yoga classes are, what the most common Yin Yoga poses are and how to do and give safe and responsible Yin Yoga classes. The functional anatomical knowledge provided provides insight into how you use your body during (Yin) yoga and / or other branches of sport and movement. You learn about the skeleton, connective tissue (fascia) and stretch areas. You will also receive an introduction to yin yoga philosophy and mindfulness.

Yin Yoga Module 2 - The Subtle body

This module  (50 hours) the emphasis is on the physical body, the module focuses on the subtle body and the associated subtle energy. Subtle body means the life energy (Qi) that flows through energy channels in our body. From the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCG) these energy channels are also called meridians. This module gives you knowledge of the meridian system by treating the 12 main meridians. By understanding the anatomy of the subtle body, you can perfectly combine this with the knowledge gained in module 1 of the Yin training on the anatomy of the physical body. By combining both, a holistic whole is created and you can give more depth to your Yin Yoga classes.


Our weekend training program is over 8 months on long weekends (Friday - Sunday)

The training dates for 2020 / 2021 are:

18-20 September

30, 31 October & 1 Nov

12-13 December (two days)

15-17 January 

12-14 February

19-21 March

16-18 April

21-23 May



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