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Only when these conditions are met can a trainee access the reduced fees policy and receive certification

Our philosophy is “Yoga for everyone”. We want to make yoga accessible and affordable for everyone in our community. This philosophy extends to our teacher training programs.

The YS Karma Yoga Reduced Fees Program serves our broader effort for an inclusive yoga community that allows the teachings, practice and benefits of yoga to be accessible for everyone and across socio-demographic groups.

Our YS Karma Yoga Reduced Fees Program are about finding the people within our community that have an existing and/or have a strong intent on humanitarian work. Yoga practitioners who have a deeply ingrained calling for service and those who are passionate about helping others. If you have a regular yoga practice, keen on using yoga in relation to community support and believe that you have the maturity to be a pillar of support read on.


It is open to individuals that have a regular yoga practice, ready to take the next step into teaching yoga and have a strong inclination towards social work.

The intention of this program is to put passionate and experienced yoga practitioner/s into a role of teaching and leadership. It is not open to practitioners & yoga teachers who have previously completed one or more teacher training courses.

Candidates must display : 

  • existing work experience in humanitarian / social service work or

  • have a strong intention to contribute within these fields

  • a commitment to fulfill pro-bono teaching commitments with a Partner Institute

  • a commitment to fulfill all Post-Training commitments.


This program includes

  • reduced course admission for the full teacher training course

  • administrative and course manual fees

  • 200hr teaching certificate upon successful completion of the course and post-training commitments.

Additional Expenses

This program does not cover accommodation, meals and daily expenses. Candidates must be able to cover their own costs and are free to choose their own accommodation based on personal preference and budget. 


Application / Pre-Training

Applicants are to submit his or her application truthfully.

A Partner Institute has to be nominated, discussed with and in consent with the Applicant's Post Training Teaching Commitments at their institute.

During Training

Full course attendance is a requirement for the teacher training certification. Candidates need to ensure their full availability for the duration of the training course selected.

Successful candidate/s attending the course are subject to the same certification requirements and commitments of his / her fellow participants in the yoga teacher training program. 

End of training

A one-on-one sit down with the candidate will be scheduled in to discuss and create an action plan for the Post Training Commitments. The Yoga Space will provide guidelines and measures on how to work with specific groups as well as discussing suitable yoga sequences.

Post Training Commitments

Upon successful graduation from the teacher training program, the candidate is committed to :

  • teach a minimum of 24 free yoga classes at the Partner Institute/s of choice. Classes are to be taught at regular intervals and with a pre-determined timeframe. This is approximately a 3-6 month commitment (depending if classes are lead bi-weekly or weekly).

  • keep a record and journal entry of each yoga session taught including the development of your yoga sequences as you go along.

  • submit a 1000 word reflection at the completion of the training and post-training commitment.

  • Partner Institute is to provide a written testimony of the candidate's yoga classes and teaching as well as the Institute's observation on the well-being of the individuals being provided yoga classes.


Suitable Partner Institutes are social organisations, institutes or charities with individuals under their care that do not have access to an existing yoga, mindfulness or wellness program and who would benefit from this addition. More details are available upon application.


Interested candidates are to contact The Yoga Space using the link on this page.

More details will be provided once contact has been made.


Aside from the obvious benefits of getting a reduced fee, the post-training teaching commitment allows the candidate to start teaching yoga soon after the completion of their yoga teacher training program. This is sometimes not the case and much gets forgotten after a course. The successful candidate

  • gives back to the community - karma yoga

  • has access to feedback and mentorship

  • develop familiarity and ease teaching yoga

  • get to test out and modify their yoga sequences in relation to a particular group over an extended period - An observation and refinement process highly beneficial in learning to become a good yoga teacher

  • get a written testimonial from the Partner Institute

  • gain valuable teaching experience that will aid in mock interview classes with yoga studios. 


200 Hour Summer Intensive 2021

200 Hour Part Time Weekend 2021/2022

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