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Dedicated to Wellbeing

Bring yoga and mindfulness to your workplace and encourage your employees to live more balanced lives at work and home. Every one of us is bombarded by daily stressors from both family and the work place. In today’s fast paced world it is nearly impossible to eat fresh food, manage family life tasks, and maintain a calm, collected and productive head in the workplace. This is where yoga and mindfulness practices come in. Employers and employees are both seeing dramatic results when these wellness tools are utilized.

Corporate yoga programs are specifically tailored to your organization and are being embraced by many progressive businesses and community organizations.

• Studies show that yoga helps to reduce stress-levels and promotes creativity. This is a great way to revive your staff and makes a great community building experience.

• All classes are customized to meet the needs of your employees. Classes range from gentle to active or meditation. Together we will choose the type(s) of practice most appropriate for your staff to reduce stress and increase relaxation.

• Together, we can create a program that has the potential to powerfully impact overall culture, performance and company costs.


Companies see:

• Heightened employee productivity

• Increased employee morale & loyalty • Reduced turnover

• Positive company culture

• Reduced absenteeism

• A competitive edge in hiring

• Increase efficiency, productivity & creativity

Employees see:

• Reduced stress from modern-day business challenges

• Increased energy levels • Improved body image

• Greater happiness and a more positive attitude

• Increased concentration & focus under deadline

• Improved morale

• Decreased anxiety and tension

• Reduced muscle tension, back & chronic pain



• Every session is customized for your workplace.

• Classes are 20 - 55 minutes and can take place early morning, during lunch or after work (Online only at this moment)

• Often classes held at the work place happen in a lunch room, empty office or a conference room.

• All materials are provided ( yoga mats & other props)


We offer a range of practices, from gentle and meditative to therapeutic or active.

Together we will determine the most appropriate offerings for your staff.

• online or on-site classes

• beginners workshops

• desk-side yoga

• stress-management

• back-relief

• meditation and breathing

• team building retreats (price on request)


 Class Duration: 20-55 minutes, all can be modified to suit your needs.

• One-time Event: 150

• 6-Week Programs Per Class:

1x weekly 90.00 - 125.00 or

2x weekly 75.00 -100.00 per class for first 30 students, additional 5.00 for each student thereafter.